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Victoria Clare, United States, Sended 16-09-2012

Thanks you very much for this magic trip yo your country, it's was 14 wonderfull day for Chile. Thanks Carlos for your great help in organizing our trip, the hotels very well chosen, very clean and comfortable, the staff is wonderful Ecotrips, Greetings Sebastian and our guide Eugene. Hope to come back and take another tour with you. Many Greetings from United States. Victoria!

Jongin Park, South Korea, Sended 16-09-2012

Dear Carlos, It was a long trip to Korea from Santiago. It's almost 30 hours. I am suffering from jet lag since last week. BB Lee, too. I would like to express my appreciation to your support during my staying. It made me very convenient and relax. Hopefully my colleagues to be stayed end of this week feel so good. Anyway, I really thank you for your safe driving and support. I would like to meet you a chance in another days. Thanks and regards, Jongin Park from Seoul Korea

Mike Greve, United States, Sended 16-09-2012

Dear Carlos I returned to my home and just writing to thank you for the beautiful trip, excellent organization and the advice here applies, everything turned out very well and was very happy with you, as you discuss for February we want to meet Tierra del Fuego and something with Mapuche people with my trekking group so think of something for us. Thank you very much and be assured that you will recommend. Best Regards Mike.

Anna Woller, Germany, Sended 16-09-2012

Dear Carlos Thanks for that wonderful week in your country, All the programs was perfect, the Hotel chosen in Puerto Varas and Puerto Natales was amazing and the tour nice. I bring the best memories of your country ( specially Chiloe Island.) Best Regards Anna Woller

Abigail Juncos, United States, Sended 17-12-2012

Thanks for 15 wondefull days in Chile, Safe and clean country, San Pedro de Atacama and Pucon are the better places!! Good food and nice people, thanks Ecotrips! Best Regards from United States

Ernest Dalton , UK, Sended 16-01-2013

We made the trip in 22 days across Chile to be a long journey we had no problems, all perfectly coordinated in every place, the staff were always very helpful to help us, Chile is really beautiful, we felt very safe throughout our trip , Easter Island is amazing, totally recommended and Torres del Paine. Thanks Carlos for the good data for dinner. Thanks to the team, will recommend!

herbert blawatt, Germany, Sended 22-03-2013

Dear Sebastian We are back from a wonderful Chile vacation. Everything you've planned has worked very well. Thank you very much. The hotel was good. The people were very friendly. We had great weather when we visited the Torres del Paine and the glaciers. More than 20 degrees and sun. We missed the boat trip on the agenda and had no voucher. But we have called directly at 21 de Mayo. It worked. In Santiago it was 30 degrees every day and more. Here is an overview of what we have done in four weeks by our Chile trip: - Santiago - 1 Day Santiago City Tour, Market, La Boheme, Cerro San Cristobal, Dinner Hacienda ( you know this restaurant) - 1 day Pomaire - 1 day Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, food at Machu Picchu Santiago (Peruan) - 1 day Chonchay & Torres (winery), National Park Rio Clarillo - 1 day Siete Tazas at Talka - 3 days Curacoutin, Gonguillio National Park, Volcano Lonquimay - Lolco, crater Navidat - 1 day Puerto Varas - 4 days flight Puerto Montt - Punta Arenas, bus to Puerto Natales 1 day Torres del Paine, 1 day ship glacier Serano, Aquaterra Hotel - 1 day Flight to Puerto Montt, Hotel in Puerto Varas - 1 day trip to Los Angeles (about 600 km), Hotel Sheraton - 1 day trip Los Angeles to Santiago, about 500km - 5 days in Santiago, MAVI Museum, City Tour, Santa Lucia (Mountain), Beach at the See in Los Vilos and Maitencilo, Cajon del Maipo and Baños Colina - Return Madrid, Frankfurt Best Regards Herbert

Emma Yapp, Oxford, UK, Sended 02-07-2013

Our trip to Patagonia was made by the always willing customer service of Sebastian, who helped us with booking flights as well as with the tour. The hotel was fantastic, with a free drink at a local bar, and all the trips out of Puerto Natales were amazing considering the short notice of our booking! Sebastian made it all possible, thank you so much ecotrips!

John Allen, Toronto-Canada, Sended 21-11-2013

Thanks Guys fo the Patagonia Trek, its a amazing place, Eugene is a excellent guide and good men, Ecotrips thanks for help in my Patagonia trip. Best Regards from Toronto. John

Collen Morgan, California United States, Sended 13-03-2014

Thank you very much, the journey by Santiago and Easter Island was great, the people are very friendly and the food excellent, the choice of hotel was very successful up to a thousand boys next travel cards (for sure come back to Chile with you Ecotrips)

Lionel Lam, United States, Sended 05-02-2015

I had a good trip around Patagonia thanks to Ecotrips. The individual excursions on each of the days were solid and informative, and progressed smoothly. I will say though, that Sebastian Greve was very attentive, and he quickly replied to my email with the missing details I needed – from here on in, everything was smooth. Sebastian was a great help in setting up this tour for me – I really appreciate his assistance in arranging the excursions around the holiday season when a lot of tours were probably not running.