Lanalhue lake, the last refuge of the Biobio lafkenche

Travelling Along The Arauco Province
The region offers countless activities related to the mapuche people and cross-culture issues. Moreover, the region has stunning landscapes.


Visiting the Arauco Province is not only a great outlook in summer time but it is a way to go into a land with a great story, where the mapuche-lafkenche culture is alive through old traditions and a strong boundary with the land, lakes and sea. This is the atmosphere that is felt in the area. An attractive place where the major figure is the calm Nahuelbuta mountain range as well as touristic services related to natural resources and identity.


Catamarán-en-Lago-LanalhuewebOne of them is the native tourism in Cañete, Contulmo and Tirúa towns next to the sea and Lanalhue and Lleu Lleu lakes. Furtherm guore, Elicura Valley is representative of the ancient traditions through circuits, important undertakings and chances to visit the lonko’s ruca (type of mapuche house). These endeavors are related to the mixture of cultures in the culinary and architecture fields with the aim of improving the different cultures in an attractive and modern way. They are not nevertheless the only activities in the region. Outdoor sports for adventurers such as horse riding or trekking through rainforests or nautical sports in the calm waters of Lanalhue Lake by catamaran are amazing activities to practice in the region.


Going southern, Contulmo region is a place full of contrasts because of the German influence during the colonization process where the flavors and the European touch are mixed in a unique environment. Bio Bio invites to discover and connect with the Chilean culture in a mix of sceneries and activities to do in our country.


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