Health magazine created 5 reasons to come to Chile this 2016


There are many good reasons to plan an adventure in Chile. With 15 diverse regions that range from inland valleys, valleys, volcanoes, glaciers and 4,300 km of Pacific Ocean coastline, Chile begs to be explored. Here are some options:


training in Atacama desert


1- Push your endurance limits in Atacama.


Maybe your walls are lined with marathon or triathlon medals. But pushing your endurance limits in the driest desert in the world rises to the top of physical and mental achievements. Home to flamingos, lunar-like landscapes and the third largest geyser field in the world, the Atacama desert invites endurance athletes to a new level of challenge with two different races. The seven-day, 250 km Atacama Crossing is part of the 4 Deserts series spanning the globe. Competitors traverse a variety of terrains, including sand dunes, river crossings and harsh salt flats. If thin air and volcanoes are more your speed, the Volcano Marathon runs past 10 volcanoes and elevations that range from 4,475 meters (14,682 feet) at the start to 3,603 meters (11,821 feet) at the finish.


puyuhuapi lodge



2- Soak away the stress in a hot spring.


Although the Atacama desert is home to its own hot springs, a quieter soak surrounded by lush vegetation will renew the body and melt away stress at the Puyuhuapi Lodge and Spa in the Aysén region of Chile. With a temperate rainforest and the scenic Carretera Austral and Queulat National Park as your surroundings, you can experience the ultimate restoration in the thermal waters and open air baths with panoramic views across the fjord and Andean mountain peaks.


chilean patagonia


3- Find yourself in nature in Torres del Paine.


Surrounded by nothing but nature, hikers and enthusiasts will shed layers to reveal inner happiness in Torres del Paine National Park. Mountains, glaciers and rivers are home to extreme contrasts in landscapes and conditions. With options like the 32-mile W Trek or multi-sport days and nights under the stars at Ecotrips Patagonia inspires transformation.


carmenere wine


4- Toast to happy memories over wine.


Did someone say wine? Studies continue to show that a little bit of wine does the body good, so we'd wager that the combination of travel and wine make enotourism a truly healthy experience. Chile's signature grape, Carménère – and other luscious varietals – awaits wine country travelers across seven wine regions located in the country's central valley. The best time to experience wine country is from October to February (when vines are green) or March to May (for the harvest), so you can experience outdoor excursions like bike riding and horseback riding in between sips.


chiloe island


5- Go off the beaten path on Chiloé Island.


Located off the coast of Puerto Montt in Chile's Lake District, Chiloé Island is part of an archipelago of almost 40 islands. Wellness seekers will appreciate the sense of time standing still while taking in the waters, hiking through a rainforest or visiting the UNESCO World Heritage-designated wooden Jesuit churches. Foodies will not want to miss experiencing a curanto – a meal of seafood and meats, baked in a hole in the ground with stones and fern leaves. For bird lovers, a tour with Birds Chile is a must – while those seeking seclusion, spa and luxury can flock to a 12-room boutique resort with its own private boat to explore the islands.